How Do I Plan My Tour?
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How do I choose which wineries I should visit?
The wineries of the Yakima Valley offer something for everyone. Use the Suggested Tours feature of our Web site to search for the specific characteristics you are looking for including, varietals produced, whether the winery has event space, a picnic area, etc. Depending on how much time you have to visit wineries, you may want to choose one of our four wine communities (Downtown Yakima, Zillah, Prosser, or Red Mountain/Richland).  These specific tours are listed individually as Suggested Tours.  If you are feeling adventous or have a good knowledge of the Valley's wineries, utilize this website's Interactive Search Map to build your own itinerary.  Using this tool will provide you with a list, map and turn by turn directions to each business/winery you choose to visit during your visit.

How many wineries can I visit in one day?
Tailor the number of visits to your pace. Some people prefer a leisurely day of three or four visits, while others plan more. Don't forget to allow for driving time between wineries and a lunch break. Many visitors choose to focus on one of our four wine communities  Downtown Yakima, Zillah, Prosser, or Red Mountain/Richland.  Visit the Map section of our Web site to plot your tour. The wineries of the Yakima Valley ask that you please taste responsibly.

Do wineries charge tasting fees?
Some of the wineries do have tasting fees, many of which are refundable with purchase. Please check with individual wineries for tasting fees and policies.

Where should I eat / stay while in the Yakima Valley?
There are a variety of dining and lodging options starting from Yakima and running through the Valley into the Tri Cities.  Refer to our Accommodations and Dining sections of our website for more information on these amenities. Please note, the services listed on our website are specifically interested in Wine Tour business and may offer better packages, programs and services to you as a customer.  Reservations are recommended for many of the restaurants and hotels in the area, especially during event weekends.

Do the wineries accept large groups and tour buses?
Refer to the Suggested Tours section of the website.  There are lists of wineries who can accommodate a large tour group and a list who can accommodate smaller tour groups.  This is the perfect place to start planning your group tour. 
If you are visiting with a group, please contact the wineries you would like to visit ahead of time to check their policies and tasting fees.

Can I bring my pet wine tasting?
Not all of the Valley's wineries are set up for pets, so please check before bringing your pet into tasting rooms. You can refer to our Suggested Tour, Meet Our Wine Dogs, this would be the most likely group of wineries to accommodate a visit from you and your pet.  Call ahead and make sure pets are welcome.

Can I visit the vineyards?
Currently, very few of our vineyards welcome guests. Please contact them individually to learn who might be able to accommodate your visit.

How do I get to the Yakima Valley?
The Yakima Valley is a two and a half - three hour drive from Seattle, Portland, and Spokane.