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Mid-Season update from Paradisos del Sol Winery

Mid-Season update from Paradisos del Sol Winery

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Season Five of: The Zero Pesticide Vineyard

Another “Interesting Season.” This week, July 15, I am watering most varieties for the first time this year. Not normal. The abnormally high precipitation this year created a lot of early season soil moisture that has created a moderately vigorous canopy.

Our normal is to irrigate about June 1, to maintain a low vigor canopy; keeping shoot length to about a meter in length.

This year we have a bit of a challenge due to larger than normal leaves (150-200%) and longer shoots, meaning more leaves and the resultant shading. The shading is leading to favorable conditions for Powdery Mildew.

We are doing lots of leaf plucking and have even had to hedge several varieties. That is cutting off excess length to keep the shoots at the meter length. We are gaining control of the canopy structure. At this point, for every leaf on the vines we’ve removed one or two.

The goal is to get plenty of sunshine into the canopy. Sunlight kills off Powdery Mildew. Powdery Mildew is responsible for 90% of the pesticide use in wine grapes.

It’s expensive work, lots of hand labor, but we’ve made a serious commitment to Zero Pesticide use in the vineyard. I wish every variety was as easy as Cabernet Sauvignon!

New release wines

2015 Rosé Paradiso

As one of the World’s slowest winegrowers, we’ve just released our 2015 Rosé Paradiso ($22). The 2016 is in barrel till August. Krug does take a couple years longer for their $400 Rosé Champagne.

Sangiovese is the base, around 75%. Zinfandel, Teroldego, Lemberger, Temprañillo, Pinot Muenier, and Riesling all take part in making a match for trout, salmon, chicken, and pork cooked on a wood fire. Great with a cold pasta dish and corn on the cob.

Fermented in barrels as old as 21 years so we don’t get that lumber taste, rested on the lees to get the body, texture, mouth feel, and flavor that comes with time in a barrel.

From our third Zero Pesticide vintage.

2015 B’s Blend ~ Formerly known as the Under 10 Buck White, B’s Blend ($14) is Barbara’s favorite. The Riesling/Semillon blend that is our first choice for artichoke dishes. Very versatile with lighter fare, chicken, fish, basil pesto, grilled vegetables, etc. Great for Lazy White Sangria, which is 5 oz. wine, 6oz. Seven Up, and as many ice cubes as fit. (Lazy Red Sangria uses the Sangiovese.)

If you get this newsletter it is still under 10 bucks if you buy at least a 12 of anything. When you order 12 bottles of wine this one is $7 a bottle. Also from our third Zero Pesticide vintage.

2012 Paradisos Red ~ World’s Best Pizza Wine. Or so WE think.

Sangiovese, Temprañillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon are the base players with Malbec, Zinfandel, and Lemberger adding to the complexity of our Paradisos Red ($28). The goal is to match that rich, flavorful, spicy tomato sauce that took all day to simmer to perfection.

2012 was a beautiful vintage. Now that this wine has had two years in barrel and two plus in bottle it is really shining. We keep having a problem with the wine evaporating from the bottle during meals.

Some of the grapes in this wine were sprayed once with an approved organic material to combat Powdery Mildew. At this writing our Malbec, Lemberger, and eight other cultivars have never had a pesticide used on them since we planted them.

Remember, satisfaction guaranteed.

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