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These images are available to support editorial about the Yakima wine industry.  Please click on the image for the hi rez version.  Any use of these images must be approved by our director.
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Fun Facts
Fun Facts.....Did you Know? Keep these fun facts handy and impress your friends with your wine knowledge!

Geographical Overview
The Yakima Valley is the oldest, largest and most diverse wine growing region in Washington state. It produces nearly 1/2 of Washington State's wine.

The name Yakima has been translated to mean black bear (from yah-kah, meaning black bear, and the plural ending ma), or runaway.

Tasting Tips
The following are a few tasting tips that will make you seem like a pro during your visit.

Touring and Tasting in Washington's Wine
Winery hopping in the Yakima Valley is an unforgettable journey of delightful discovery. Across this sun-soaked region, magnificent vineyards, trellises laden with rich grape varietals, lie in the same latitude as the great wine producing regions of

Viticultural Overview
There are currently more than 82 wineries in the Yakima Valley.

Wine Terminology....What does it Mean?
Take note of the following terminology so you can sound like a true wine enthusiast.