A Sense of Place – Summer Vineyard Tour

Summer vineyard tour focuses on vineyard designate wines

The prominence of vineyard-designated wines in today’s market place is another example of consumers’ interest in learning the “sense of place” from the wine they consume.

American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) define the boundaries and geological characteristics of distinct wine-growing regions, and winemakers sourcing grapes from specific vineyards within these regions are exploring relationships between selected vineyards and finished wines. How do locations effect flavor profiles, aromatics, the color and the body of wines grown there?

The Yakima Valley’s annual vineyard tour is slated for Saturday, July 15, 2017.  The day-long tour will take guests to the next level of understanding how the specific vineyard, farming practices and grower/winemaker relationships impact the final product.  Wine grape grower Mike Roskamp of Roskamp Vineyards and winemaker Co Dinn of Co Dinn Cellars will team up to share the close relationship of grower and winemaker.  “It’s all about place,” says Co Dinn of Co Dinn Cellars who is focused on producing vineyard-designate wines from the Yakima Valley.

Also featured is one of Washington’s most acclaimed vineyards, DuBrul Vineyard. Grower Hugh Shiels and Côte Bonneville Winemaker Kerry Shiels will lead guests through the vineyard explaining how DuBrul meticulously controls all aspects of the vineyard, from water application, site selection, to temperature management.

The tour will compare and contrast how the site, climate, and farming techniques of these two spectacular sites impact the vineyard designate wines made from the grapes.

Lunch and transportation provided. Tickets are $85.00 and available at wineyakimavalley.org.

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