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Spring Barrel Tasting weekend is your chance to get a jump on tasting the newest vintage from local wineries. A visit to the Yakima Valley on April 26-28 will allow you to sample delicious, unfinished...

A look back at 2018 Harvest at Owen Roe Winery during Flavor Camp. Special thank you to Crushed Grape Chronicles for capturing the video. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5ZcKUHpoo4[/embed]...

Originally run in the Yakima Herald Republic: April 4, 2019. YAKIMA, Wash. -- There is no mistaking it; bud break is that glorious moment in the vineyard when the vines wake up from winter dormancy.
As the days get longer and warmer, the vines begin to show vitality. Bud break is the second step in preparing the vines for harvest. (Pruning is the first.) Once the weather begins to warm up, hormones begin to activate in the roots, telling the vine to begin its fruit-bearing process.
Bud break is when leaves and shoots begin to elongate out of the buds, which have been tightly packed and protected all winter. These small, fuzzy leaves contain all the components of the upcoming growing season, from the shoots and canopies to the clusters and grapes.  Read more.

Originally printed in the Yakima Herald March 21, 2019 Let the celebrations continue. Many of us enjoyed green beer, corned beef, cabbage and the color green during last weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. There’s more to celebrate,...

Chandler Reach Vineyards Traveling east on Interstate 82 from Prosser, the first winery you encounter is Chandler Reach Vineyards (Benton City, 9506 W. Chandler Road; 509.588.8800; chandlerreach.com), an estate winery overlooking the Yakima River, the vineyard...