Boushey Vineyard Tour ~ Steeped in Syrah

Dick Boushey is one of Washington’s premier Syrah growers.  He has 39 acres designated to Syrah and has planted the vines on hillsides with rocky, impoverished soils.   The slope and the shallow soil curtails syrah’s natural vigor.  It is this planting that has put Boushey and Washington State on the map as a great syrah producing region.

Tour the vineyard with Dick Boushey on July 28,  as he discusses the idiosyncrasies of how syrah grows and the various conditions that change the taste of the grapes grown on different hillsides, in various soils and more. Boushey grapes create the most critically acclaimed wines in the state and are a key player in the success of Washington wines. His strong influence and historical significance on the Washington winemaking business is also explored.

Tickets for each tour are $75 and include wine, food and a grower education tour.

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