Drinking well shouldn’t be a luxury

Keeping a well-stocked cupboard of delicious, great value wines doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Drinking well shouldn’t be a luxury, nor should you have to sacrifice good taste to avoid breaking the bank. The following Yakima Valley wines are perfect for daily drinking. Priced at or below $30, these wines are easy on the pocket book and will over deliver on quality and taste.

Wit Cellars 2018 Sparkling Pinot Grigio | $28  Nothing says “celebrate” like a good bottle of bubbly. Sparkling wine raises the festivity level of any occasion. It has a high appeal and is extremely food-friendly.Wit Cellars’ inaugural sparkling wine is a great option for any occasion.I love the tropical fruitiness of this sparkler, it has plenty of citrus nuances to go hand in hand with its lively acidity and an overall elegance.

Sin Banderas Wines 2018 Riesling | $24. Riesling isa dynamic, food-favoring wine.  It has great variety and expressionwhich adds to its versatility. Riesling is distinct in character; any wine drinker recognizes it at first sip. Yakima Valley’s Sin Banderas winery has hit it out of the park with their inaugural Riesling. A slightly off-dry wine with hints of green apple, lime and mandarin orange.

Thurston Wolfe 2018 Albariño | $18. If you love crisp white wines but think it is just for summer, think again. This wine offers a bright fruit character with the complexity to complement many food dishes. Featuring flavors of lime, pear, apple and grapefruit, it is aperfect pairing with the flavors of fall such as pork tenderloin stuffed with apple and caramelized onion.

Kana Winery 2018 Chardonnay | $16  Chardonnay is one of the most well-known and well-loved white wine varietals on the market. It enjoys a versatile image with a broad range of styles and structures. Kana’s unoaked Chardonnay is a terrific everyday white wine with solid flavor and a full body offering refreshing fruit structure, fresh acidity and crisp flavors of apples and pears.

Milbrandt Family Wines 2018 Rosé| $15. While Rosé is usually known as a summer beverage, the popularity of this crisp bright wine has turned it into a year-round drink. This is a balanced dry Rosé with flavors of citrus and peach — a perfect addition to your wine rack.

Two Mountain Winery 2017 Merlot | $22. It’s hard to go wrong with a good Merlot. The wild berry and dry leaf flavors remind you of walking in the woods on a crisp fall day. Yakima Valley farmers have built a reputation of growing flavorful bright and balanced merlot grapes which translates into exceptional wines.  This affordable bottling by vintner Matt Rawn offers flavors of dark fruit, tobacco and a hint of vanilla.

VanArnam Vineyards 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon | $30. Cabernet Sauvignon is the ultimate fall wine. This is a yummy well-priced Cab bringing plenty of dark cherries, plum, and blackberry fruit to the table. A fruit-forward approachable wine that makes its mark as an everyday wine for dinner or impromptu gatherings.

Fortuity Cellars 2017 The Fifty Fifty | $28. An equal blend of Malbec and Syrah, this wine offers ample fruit and plenty of food-pairing versatility. An easy wine to like on several fronts: The price, the fruit forward appeal and the fact that it is perfect for everything from pizza to pasta.  Rich, intense fruit notes and a lot of backbone make this a perfect choice for pouring at the end of the day.

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