Wine Yakima Valley

Wine Yakima Valley is inviting
wine enthusiasts to its annual
Catch the Crush event
October 13, 14.
Each winery offers its own
celebratory events, including grape stomps,
harvest and crush activities, tours,
free-run juice, hors d’oeuvres, live
music, and of course wine

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DuBrul Vineyard

630_Dubrul Vineyardsmall2The DuBrul Vineyard’s steep rocky south-facing slope overlooks the Yakima Valley. Volcanic ash carried on the west wind mixed with flood deposits from Glacial Lake Missoula to form the soils covering our basalt promontory.

In 1992, we planted six varietals on 45 acres. The vines have been nurtured using judicious deficit irrigation and a strict regime of late summer crop thinning. This results in consistent crops of small berries with a distinctive flavor profile unique to the location.

Since the dynasties of the pharaohs, wine ratings have served as a guide for the consumer. Scores are a blessing and a curse for each winery, but fruit from the DuBrul Vineyard has been well received by publications such as Wine Spectator, New York Times, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine and Spirits Magazine.


Contact the Vineyard for visiting information.


5151 N Outlook Rd
Outlook, WA 98938