Harvest and Holidays at Dineen Vineyards

Dineen Family Vineyard

Dineen Family Vineyards

The favorite time of year for a vineyard owner is harvest.  Seeing the fruit of one’s labor gives a real sense of satisfaction. The next favorite time of year is when harvest is over!  With decisions of when to pick, the adrenalin rush of having a lot to do in a short time and keeping an eye on the weather, harvest is a very intense time and it feels good to slow down and take a deep breath after a month of hyperactivity. The grapes are crushed, fermented, pressed and the juice is in barrel. Now the vineyard can drop its golden leaves and go to sleep until the warmth of spring awakens it with the promise of a new vintage.

Wine Orders for the Holidays

If you are thinking of ordering wine for your holiday parties and family events, we will make every effort to ensure that you have it by the date of your event. You can do your part by ordering early, either through our website or by calling 206 276-4287.

We can either ship your wine to you or you can pick it up at our home.

We have the following wines available:

  • 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon: 1-5 bottles $35.00 6-12 bottles $32.00
  • 2009 Heritage Red Wine: 1-5 bottles $30.00 6-12 bottles $27.00
  • 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum $85.00

We also have some Dineen Vineyards logo t-shirts, hats and corkscrews for your wine lovers Christmas stocking.  All can be ordered through our website or by calling 206 276-4287.

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