March Spotlight – Purple Star Wines

Until fall, Sleeping Dog Wines was the only winery around near the Old Inland Empire Highway west of Benton City. Purple Star Wines recently opened its doors and is definitely worth your time to seek out.

Purple Star Wines was founded b10-15-15-4278y Kyle and Amy Johnson in 2008 with a specific vision: To embody the soul of wine from vineyard to bottle to table. Their philosophy is that wine should be accessible, approachable, and affordable. But most of all, a wine’s purpose is to bring together family and friends.

With 10 years of viticulture and winemaking experience in Washington state, they know a thing or two about making wine. For starters, Purple Star’s varietal blends are grown from some of Washington’s finest appellations, including Yakima Valley and Red Mountain. With grapes handpicked at their optimal flavor profile and juice fermented at cooler temperatures for longer periods. Purple Star’s wines exhibit softer tannins and retain more varietal character.

The Purple Star vision is to enjoy wine, enjoy life and help others do the same. Purple Star Wines donates 15% of all proceeds to Seattle Childrens’ Hospital Uncompensated Care.

Best Bottle to Bring Home:
Muret-Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon

Purple Star Wines
56504 NE Roza Rd., Benton City, WA

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