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With Memorial Day weekend in our rearview mirror, it is officially Rosé season. The pink wine exudes fun and frivolity. Regardless of its color–pink, copper, or anywhere in between, Rosé is a light and easy drinking wine with aromas and flavors of fresh fruit making it a staple to serve on summer terraces or on long beautiful evenings.

Rosé is outpacing overall US wine growth, a trend that will ramp up during summer months thanks to the pink drink’s appeal. This year, Rosé should remain top of mind for wine producers, distributors, and retailers, as one of the three areas of high growth segments within wine, according to recent Nielson numbers.

Brad Baldwin, owner of Stems wine shop in Yakima is seeing more people asking specifically for Rosé wines. “I do sell a lot of Rosé,” says Baldwin. “More wineries are making it which translates into more available wine to choose from. Rosé is so hot right now, it’s in every magazine you pick up. You can’t miss seeing Rosé this summer.”  Baldwin has a great selection and can help you find what you like best.  “Most of the Rosés I pick up are on the dryer side, and they are very popular,” says Baldwin.

If you are up for an outing, hit the road in search of your seasonal favorite. Head down the Yakima Valley and taste. The best versions of the wine come from grapes specifically harvested for Rosé. They are picked a few weeks earlier than the red-grapes, which keeps the acids high and the grape sugars low. Low grape sugars equate to low alcohol, so look for bottles with 13.5 percent alcohol or less. Thinner-skinned grape varieties generally work best for making Rosé, grapes such as Grenache, Sangiovese, or Cabernet Franc. There are others and they are good, these are baseline grapes to look for.

With its varying degrees of pink, Rosé is as beautiful as it is palatable. It is so popular that you can expect your favorite seasonal sipper to sell out before the end of summer.  Some local wineries have already sold out of their current vintage. Find your favorites and stock up. If a few bottles happen to survive the summer, Rosé is a perfect drink down the road, and it is good with breakfast throughout the year.

Wines to Try:
2017 Murray Rosé, Hightower Cellars – This is sunshine in a bottle with a beautiful pink color and aromas of red currant and strawberry. Made from 100% Syrah, the smooth, long finish garners plushness from short-term aging in neutral oak barrels.  $18.00 per bottle.

2017 Gilbert Cellars Rosé – A blend of57% Mourvèdre and 43% Grenache, this winewas intentionally fermented cold in order to retain its delicate rose petal aromatics and bright fruit character. Crisp and dry, this perennial favorite brings year-round cheer. $18.00 per bottle.

2017 Chinook Wine Cabernet Franc Rosé – Every year, the arrival of Chinook’s rosé is a much-anticipated sign of spring. Made from Cabernet Franc grapes, this is a great food wine. Delightfully aromatic, with aromas of wet stone, cherry and roses. A truly lovely wine. $16.99 per bottle.

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