Spring is in the air at Southard Winery

I’ve been weeding the vegetable garden outside Southard Winery in preparation for pre-frost planting and I’ve concluded that my microbial friends in the soil dig Neutral Milk Hotel’s excellent 1998 album, In the Aeroplane over the Sea.  Say what you will about single-cell organisms, but they tend to have terrific taste in music.

And say what you will about me, but I have a favor to ask of you: get in touch with where your food comes from.  Plant a garden and maintain it through the growing season.  For those of you in Seattle, do what my mom did when she was my age and farm a plot at your local P-Patch.  Make friends with your favorite farmer at your local farmer’s market.  Make the short drive to Yakima and a visit a winery or two.

On the subject of wine, I should tell you that in addition to being generally delicious, rosé is a key ingredient in a handful of tasty summer cocktails.  I recommend the Guadalajara Sour.


Scott Southard

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