Waste Water Winery Permit

It takes a lot of water to make wine and the Department of Ecology wants to make sure that corrosive wastewater from wineries do not harm animals or people.

Beginning July 1st Washington’s first Winery General Permit goes into effect. Want to know whether your winery qualifies or is exempt? Check out the Department of Ecology website which is full of FAQs and details.

Here are two resources to help navigate the process and complete your water testing:

LabTest is accredited to analyze all waste water and drinking water for your wineries and vineyards. We can help analyze your water and get the correct paperwork to the state.

All Wine Yakima Valley members can receive 15% off every time you bring a sample in.

Contact Info: phone: 509-469-8378  email:VWS155@gmail.com
Located:  201 E D st. Yakima wa 98901

Nor Wes Enviro Reg Implementation LLC specializes in assisting business with applying for permit coverage but more importantly with implementing the requirements of the permit.   I strive for an emphasis on identifying the easiest but cost effective way to demonstrate compliance with a permit.

This organization has been highly involved in applying for, and implementing, permits for >30 years in the areas of wastewater, drinking water, dangerous waste disposal, and air emissions. Notice of Intent (permit application) are done as a fixed price. Preparation of the Winery Pollution Prevention Plan is a negotiated price. Firm can be hired to do either or both.

Contact Info: phone: 509.388.6727  email:  norwesenviroreg@gmail.com

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