What’s Happening in the Vineyard?

“Our vines are the happiest they have been in years,” according Kerry Shiels of DuBrul Vineyard.  The vines have flourished with the normal year’s heat pattern.  Excellent quality is forecast, crop load should be normal, the current heat wave will boost us.  The ladies of our crew are taking heat precautions.  They are leaf stripping the morning side of the vines then cluster thinning to attain the proper crop load.

Grape Cluster, July 10, 2012

Demand for Washington wines is growing nationally.  A relative shortage of grapes is keeping grape prices strong, and small wineries are optimistic about the future.  Gallo’s entry into Washington wine through their purchase of Columbia and Covey Run is validation of the quality and huge potential that Washington offers.  The vines, growers and vintners of Washington are the happiest in years!

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