Wine is a Time Machine to the Early 1980’s

I was rummaging through my personal wine cellar looking for wines I had produced back in the early 1980’s. I came across a Quail Run Cabernet 1982 I had produced with my UC Davis school mate Stan Clark. Wine has many amazing ways to spark memories. Pulling out this dusty bottle triggered visions …. shooting the breeze in the old 1950’s style offices of Ste Michelle in Grandview when Stan, Kay Simon, Clay Mackey, Wade Wolf and I were working together…… Traveling the length of the sun drenched Yakima Valley from the Rattlesnake Hills of Zillah to Red Mountain, cruising the Yakima Valley (the Interstate Freeway did not exist) in my Old’s land yacht with the 454 cubic inch V8 to check out vineyards…..fork lifts buzzing like bees to and from wine grape laden flatbed semi’s …….the rattle and rhythmic roar of the crusher stemmer and pumps……the sweet aroma of the golden juice dripping from the press…..the blacken leather hands from shoveling out the fermentors pressing Cabernet. Its great to reflect on past times and realize the firm foundation they have provided for my current adventure in wine called Tanjuli Winery. Although I have scaled back the magnitude of production it is fun to be dealing with the myriad of new grape varieties in my estate vineyard – Sangrantino, Picpoul, Nebiolo, Alianico,Teroldego, Carmenere, Mourvedre, Black Muscat, Orange Muscat, Viognier and my old friend Pinot Noir. It’s called living the dream, so come¬† share the magic of Tanjuli Winery.

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