Basic Winery Dues

Basic winery dues are based on your annual winery production:

Up to 5,000 cases – $1,250*
5,001-25,000 cases – $2,000
25,001+ cases – $2,750

*Small-production wineries (5 or fewer years in production) click here for special pricing.

Membership A La Carte Add-Ons

In addition to your basic dues, you can supplement your membership with any of the following a la carte add-ons (click on each item to learn more):

2019 Member submitted wine

Photo in Touring Guide ($150)

Photo and business name in touring guide. Photo will be “as fits” in your community section. Minimum dimensions 2.5″ x  4.25″. Photo will be supplied by winery or grower and must be a minimum of 300 dpi.


Winery Spotlight on the Website, Newsletter, Social Media ($250)

Winery spotlight on the website, newsletter, social media.


Wine Feature in Tour Guide ($250)

Wine feature in tour guide. Professionally designed, content provided by winery or grower. Dimensions 4.25″ x 3.25″.

Wine Feature

Touring Guide Narrative, Photo, and Wine Recommendation ($300)

Inclusion in the touring guide narrative of your wine community. The narrative becomes part of the website and includes a wine recommendation. Narrative is written by editor. Space will be determined by the number of participants in the section.


Quarter-page Ad in Tour Guide & Website ($750)

Quarter-page ad in the 2017 tour guide & website. Dimensions 3.375″ x 4.5″.


Half-Page Ad in the Tour Guide & Website ($1,250)

Half-page ad in the tour guide & website. Dimensions 7.125″ x 4.5″ or 3.375″ x 9.25″.


Full-Page Advertorial in Tour Guide ($2,500)

Full page advertorial in tour guide. The page below is an example only; the advertorial will be professionally designed. Story content will be submitted by the winery or grower. Dimensions 8.625” x 11.125″.

Full Page Advertorial

Promoting Brand Yakima Valley – 
Consumer Marketing

Weekly content marketing
Member profiles
Wine Trail radio
Photo galleries
Local tips
Wine country events

Social Media
Dedicated social media outreach Facebook, Instagram Twitter

Media / Trade
Dedicated to media outreach
Monthly news release
Media / Trade luncheon presentations
Yakima Valley Flavor Camp

Bringing You Customers – Local Visitor Tools
Winery Guide
Yakima Valley flat tear-off maps

Dedicated member page w/info, events, photos, promotions, etc.
Banner ads (additional fee) classified listings

Local Events
Red Wine & Chocolate
Winemaker’s Table
Spring Barrel Tasting
Catch the Crush

Keeping You Smart and in Good Community Standing
Membership Meetings
Annual Picnic
Industry Nights
Membership-Only Referrals

Barbara Glover
Executive Director
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Yakima, WA 98908