Winery Spotlight ~ Yakima Valley Vintners

Yakima Valley Vintners is a vineyard and winery technology program through Yakima Valley Community College’s (YVCC) Agriculture Department. The program allows students to obtain an Associates of Applied Science degree or certification in Vineyard Technology and Winery Technology. Yakima Valley Vintners produces between 300 and 500 cases per year. These wines have garnered more than 50 awards during the last six vintages. Those initial wines are sold out, but more award-winners have followed the inaugural year and keep the tasting room fully stocked with reds and whites from 2010 through 2013 vintages.

Best Bottle to Bring Home:
Dean’s List Primitivo

As you further explore Yakima Valley’s wine region, Prosser, a farming community of 5,000, embodies small-town nostalgia. Enjoy the wines! Born from wine grapes of intense varietal character and crafted by winemakers with the passion and knowledge to produce luscious, balanced wines.

Yakima Valley Vintners
110 Grandridge Rd., Grandview, WA

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