Yakima Valley Founder – Juergen Grieb

Yakima, WA (Dec. 2015)  It takes a long time to become an overnight success. Just ask Juergen Grieb, owner and winemaker of Treveri Cellars—a Yakima Valley winery producing exclusively sparkling wine.

Juergen grew up in Trier, a town on the Mosel River. He went to college to become a winemaker, learning both sparkling and still wines by the time he was 21. In 1982, Wolfgang Langguth, one of Germany’s most famous winery owners, announced he was coming to America, setting up in Washington state. Juergen was invited to join the team and moved to the United States to make wine.

Juergen & Julie Grieb, Co owners Trever Cellars

Juergen & Julie Grieb, Co owners Treveri Cellars

After the closure of the Langguth winery, he moved to the Yakima Valley and quietly began making wine for wineries throughout the Pacific Northwest as the winemaker for Coventry Vale, a large custom-crush winery in the Yakima Valley.

In 2010, Juergen launched his own brand with 1,000 cases of wine. He named the winery after his hometown, using a variation on the name “Treveris,” as it was known in 300 A.D.

Success followed immediately. His wines have been served at the US State Department three times, featured at the James Beard Foundation, and voted one of the nations’ Top Ten Hottest Brands of 2014 by Wine Business Monthly.

The wines are more fruit-driven than a typical Champagne, the quality is superb and prices are reasonable. You can find a wide selection of Treveri bubblies made from various varieties such as riesling, gewürztraminer and syrah.

This holiday season, add some sparkle to your events and meals with one of  Treveri’s many offerings.

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