Yakima Valley’s Five Vines in various stages of veraison

This week’s blog post offers a look at the five Cabernet Sauvignon vines we are monitoring throughout the growing season. Each of these vines is located in a different meso climate or sub AVA within the Yakima Valley appellation. The images reflect what the plants currently look like.

The vines are all going through veraison, the grapes still taste sour and are immature.

For more information on the vineyard site of each of these vineyards click here.

Tapteil trio

Tapteil Vineyard, Red Mountain, Yakima Valley:
Nearing 100 percent veraison which began July 29th. Photos show views from the east and west and over the vineyard north to Red Mountain.

Red Willow trio

Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley: The cab is about 20% verasion. There is a good balance of fruit. We will likely do a slight color thinning towards the end of verasion.


Upland Vineyard, Snipes Mtn, Yakima Valley: Vine is 95% through verasion.  Once the heat subsides we will take a few more leaves off to give the clusters some “autumn exposure.”  Other than that, the vine is dialed in and we’re just waiting for harvest!

Dubrul trio

DuBrul Vineyard, Yakima Valley:  Veraison is well underway at DuBrul Vineyard.   The seed coats have hardened and berry size is set at this point. The colors are changing, the grapes are accumulating sugar and the acids are dropping. During this time grape physiology changes drastically. Our vines are netted to protect the grapes from birds.

Portteus trio

Portteus Vineyard, Rattlesnake Hills, Yakima Valley: Our Cabernet Sauvignon is well into veraison. By the same time next month we should be in the beginnings of harvest.


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